About us

Technology Xtreme

Who We Are

We are a consulting practice comprised of technology project management experts, software and network engineers, cloud architects, data privacy, and cybersecurity professionals. We have strong synergistic partnerships with our technology product distributors. We are premier technology provider partners and implementation experts. Our team has an inner circle of about 20 engineering executives and solution architects. We bring many as are needed from our ecosystem of relationships for mid-market and enterprise-level projects. We think out of the box and bring a refreshing level of creativity.

What We Do

We conduct in-depth assessments, gap analysis, and remediation, and provide road maps for application-centric implementation to meet strategic business objectives. We provide advanced IT infrastructures such as Private, Hybrid, and Public Cloud architecture and design. We orchestrate Cloud Migration, ERP implementation, software development, and Cybersecurity. Virtual CIO, CTO, and CISO on a full-time or contract basis.

Who We Work With

Corporate Directors, Officers, C-Suite, and IT departments. Data Center Executives, Venture Capital and Angel Investor groups, Government entities, Property Managers, Mid Market Companies, SMB, and startups. We are vertical market agnostics.