About You

Who You Are

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the increasing demands of technology in today’s business landscape? Look no further, we are here to help. Our Xtreme services provide you with a trusted advisor to sort through the complexities of cybersecurity and liability. We offer invaluable insights and solutions to help you navigate the challenges ahead. From ensuring data security and accessibility to implementing disaster recovery plans, our expertise will give you confidence in safeguarding your company’s information. And when it comes to incident response teams or merging two computing platforms, we have you covered. No matter the scale of your digital transformation or software application development needs, we will deliver results. We also cater to property owners who are exploring smart building technology plans, offering guidance to meet city regulations and future-proof your investments. With us, technology becomes a powerful tool for growth, not a nightmare to handle.

Are we a fit for each other?

We WILL be a great fit for each other if:

  • You need a single point of contact:

You’re looking for a consultant, provider and full service trusted technology advisor in one relationship. You’re done with finger pointing.

  • You’re looking for a customized approach tailored specifically to your business:

You’re tired of trying to make your business fit into what’s available in technology products. You want design and engineering specific to your business needs.

  • You understand that technology can have a direct impact on your business model and bottom line:

You want your technology selections to have a direct impact on the growth strategy that fits into your current business model.

  • Accountability, integrity, clear communication and trust are super important to you:

You value the process of deep collaboration between your team and the organization that provides your technology strategies.

  • Your business is something you’re passionate about:

You want your technology advisor to feel that passion with you. You value this relationship and see it as a true partnership for the long term.

  • You're willing to take ownership for your part of the process:

And are excited about the new technology journey ahead. A journey that includes education, focus, effort trial and error.

Will NOT be a great fit for each other if:

  • Your company is financially unstable:

You want to get from nothing to six figures in six weeks OR you’re not quite sure what your finances are. We can help you with strategic advisory, but you must have the ability to pay for the services provided.

  • You have very high turnover rate:

Your company has descended into a revolving door toxic culture. You would like to use technology to surveil your workforce in an effort to try to get them to work harder further exasperating the situation.

  • You're just looking to put another Band-Aid on your system:

There has been a history of neglect and negligence with regard to your technology platform. You’re not open to a roadmap into a better go forward strategy just a one-time Band-Aid.

  • You have a predatory business model:

And are simply looking for technologies to aid and abet the process of taking advantage of clients and customers.

  • Your company is incapable of adopting a culture of security:

A good morale with regard to security policies and procedures can reduce breaches by up to 80%. We will be looking for you to incorporate educational and motivational strategies with regard to cyber security policies and procedures.