To unlock potential, you will need to invest in your fiber connectivity — paying for installation and potentially higher monthly service fees (for much higher speeds). Depending on your location, provider options may be limited to Verizon FiOS. While Google Fiber, AT&T, Comcast, and other vendors are working to extend their nationwide coverage, they’re still a work in progress. Factored in, many organizations quickly realize a high ROI due to productivity and availability gains.

What makes your space stand out? Connectivity is a leading factor in attracting and retaining, quality tenants. Make sure you’re meeting the demands of current, and future, occupants. Here’s what organizations are saying:


Connectivity most important part of their workspace location reliability and quality.

*source: WiredScore


Would pay more per sq. ft. to improve connectivity.


Tenants would sign a longer lease for and office location superior connectivity.

A Better Use of Your Time, and Productivity

We streamline your process — from sourcing/negotiating your connectivity and Internet infrastructure to outsourced services that allow you to stay focused on your area of business. We ensure your data connectivity operations run the right way and at the right cost. We also offer a full portfolio of consulting services that combine extensive market knowledge, industry expertise, and proven processes and powerful tools to help deliver market-leading results, including:
  • Benchmarking Services
  • Service Optimization
  • Full Outsourced RFP Support
  • Provisioning Support
  • Project Management
  • Historical Bill Auditing
  • Real Estate Service Validation
  • Contract Negotiations
  • Connectivity options like; LAN/WAN Design, Private line, ATM, Ethernet (Fast-E, Gig-E, EoC), Fiber, Cable, VPLS, SD-WAN, MPLS networks, Wireless bandwidth, VPN, Metro Ethernet, DSL, and T-1 (DIA)